A. Dal Bon & Co. S.r.l. Ship Agents, Ship Brokers and Forwarding Agents
A. Dal Bon & Co. S.r.l.Ship Agents, Ship Brokers and Forwarding  Agents

Ship Agency

We shall efficiently take care of all regulare tasks prior and during the vessel call by co-ordinating berthing, stevedores, transport and warehousing, arranging customs and immigration formalities, liaising with pilots and harbour masters attending to the needs of the client, vessel Master and crew ensuring also that essential supplies are all arranged without delay.

Our team is on duty 24 Hours a day / 7 days a week.

How to contact us:


A. Dal Bon & Co s.r.l.

via C. Rossarol 13/E

30175 Marghera,

Venice (Italy)



Phone  +39 041 5380815

Fax      +39 041 5381118









Perez     E.   +39 348 2350672

Sandoli  L.   +39 348 2350673

Sandoli  A.   +39 347 9931391


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