A. Dal Bon & Co. S.r.l. Ship Agents, Ship Brokers and Forwarding Agents
A. Dal Bon & Co. S.r.l.Ship Agents, Ship Brokers and Forwarding  Agents

About Us

Established ships' agents since 1950, the company is now run by founder’s son mr. Antonio Dal Bon together with partners. 

At A. Dal Bon & Co we have a vast knowledge of all areas within the shipping industry and a solid reputation for client care who can rely on us as reliable and experienced service partner.

Bulk carriers and general cargo ships representing the major share of our work which includes a dry cargo shipbroker service.

We provide agency services round the clock to ships across all Italian ports, working closely with vessels owners, charterers and operators. We attend to the needs of clients with the utmost care to details and effective communication which are key elements in everything we do at every stage.


A. Dal Bon & Co services:

- Ships Agency.

- Shipbroker service.

- Conventional and project cargoes forwarding agency.

- Specialising in husbandry and supervisory agencies.

- Extensive contacts across the world.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us we will be more than pleased to help in any way we can.

How to contact us:


A. Dal Bon & Co s.r.l.

via C. Rossarol 13/E

30175 Marghera,

Venice (Italy)



Phone  +39 041 5380815

Fax      +39 041 5381118









Perez     E.   +39 348 2350672

Sandoli  L.   +39 348 2350673

Sandoli  A.   +39 347 9931391


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